Ubisoft’s Far Cry Primal

After the success of my recordings for Archaeology Magazine, I was approached by a major video game company, Ubisoft Entertainment SA., to help them design two languages for an upcoming project entitled Far Cry Primal, a first-person shooter set at the beginning of the Mesolithic Period. 

Their idea was quite radical – the characters would speak languages based on PIE throughout the entire game. Due to the enormity of the task I requested additional help from Chiara Bozzone (LMU Munich), Brenna Reinhart Byrd (University of Kentucky), Jessica DeLisi (The Milken School), and Ryan Sandell (LMU Munich). In the end we created:

  • a lexicon of over 2400 words;
  • generated entire grammars for the newly constructed languages;
  • translated and recorded roughly 40,000 words of dialogue;
  • trained / coached actors on set to perform in the languages in motion-captured (mocap) scenes.

Below you find pretty much anything you need to know about Wenja, Izila, and the thinking behind creating these languages. 

Wenja & Izila : the Basics

Pronunciation Guide
Wenja Grammar
Writing System
Izila Grammar
From PIE to Primal

Cutscene Dialogues

Intro Cinematics

Speaking the languages of Primal

Brina Winja dachaya
How to Count in Wenja
What the $%@# are the Izila yelling at me?
Translation Requests
How to Flirt in Wenja
What the $%@# are the Udam yelling at me?
Common Expressions
Other Caveman Media (Guest Post by Dansurka)
Sangwa Urusis (Guest Post by Konrad)

Word Discussions

Grammar Discussions