How to Speak Wenja : Wuga’s Scenes

Today we’ll look at Wuga’s scenes (known as Wogah in the game), a quirky, one-armed crafter who introduces Takkar to Wugas fnagu “Woga’s claw” and a whole host of upgrades.

Played by the extremely talented (and extremely kind) Ron Kennell, I smile every time I hear him yell “Fmaygan”.  Mi-sharm hadarsh!

Meeting Wuga


Mawra Udam!
Stupid Udam!
Stupid Udam!

Takkar :

Mu Winja!
I Wenja!
I’m Wenja!


Nay! Mu supima Winja! Ta dijam-shanti, fmayga-su tagata. Udam-war-way.
No! I last Wenja! You dirt-face, piss-in covered. Udam-just-like.
No! I’m the last Wenja! You’re a dirt face, covered in piss. Just like Udam.

Smarka, Fmaygan.
Bye, Pisser/Pissee.
Bye, Piss-man.
(Fun fact : the suffix -an can mark an agent noun, equivalent to the -er suffix in English. So, shaja “lead” + -an = shajan “leader”.  BUT it also marks the recipient of an action, so technically shajan can mean “leadee; the one who is lead”. This is much less common in Wenja. But this is precisely what the -an in Fmaygan is doing. Wuga is really drawing attention to the fact that he peed on Takkar) 

Confronting Wuga


Sharm-hadan. Udam. Mawra sharm-hadan. Ay!
Arm-eaters. Udam. Stupid arm-eaters. Ah!
Arm-eaters. Udam. Stupid arm-eaters. Ah!

Na-ta Udam.
Not-you Udam.
You’re not an Udam.

Winja! Mu Winja!
Wenja! I Wenja!
Wenja! I’m a Wenja!
Ku-na Winja marwa?
QUESTION-not Wenja dead?
Are the Wenja not dead?
Takkar :

Palhu gwayfarsh, na mayta ti-way.
Many live-they, not crazy you-like
Many live, not crazy like you.


Nam mayta. Winja sakwim!
Not-I crazy. Wenja help-I!
I’m not crazy. I help Wenja!

Pashta? Kala. Saywa shash-way. Hasar Urusis. 
See-you? Pretty. Hard rock-like. Blood Oros-of.
You see?  Pretty. Hard as a rock. Blood of Oros.

Bal Winja tachisla dahay su. Ma Hasar Urusis mibi chawda.
Strong Wenja weapons make-for good. But Blood Oros-of me-from hides.
Good for making strong Wenja weapons. But Blood of Oros hides from me.

Takkar :

Shash waydam. U nartar hay – u Winja-ha gwayfa.
Rocks find-I. COMMAND west go – COMMAND Wenja-with live.
I find the stones. You go west – live with Wenja.


Buda Fmaygan. Sashwalsu dayshan Hasar Urusis sansha. Hay miyi.
Smart Pissee. Sun-in shining Blood Oros-of Seek. This me-for.
Smart Piss-man. Look for the Blood of Oros shining in the sun. This one’s mine.
(You can see that -an also is equivalent to -ing in English : daysha “to shine” : dayshan “shining”. Very useful suffix)

Peak of Oros


Fmaygan! Mu bal damshi tatishta. Nu-ta bal fnagu taticham!
Pissee! Me strong hut build-you. Now-you strong claw build-I!
Piss-man! You built me a strong hut. Now I build a strong claw for you!

Kwayda shanchim, u apa gwam. Tu kwarkwar shwaldata darfata-kwa!
When stop-I, COMMAND back come. Then wherewhere climb-you jump-you-and!
When I finish, you come back. Then you climb and jump anywhere!
(If you haven’t noticed already, the basic word for “and” is -kwa and it comes after the 2nd thing it’s conjoining.  So: Winja Izila-kwa = “Wenja & Izila”. Nu can also mean “and”, though it only occurs at the beginning of a sentence: Nu shawsi Ulls hinacha “And take Ull’s ear!”)

Takkar :

Hay-ha shwaldam darfam-kwa.
This-with climb-I jump-I-and. 
I climb and jump with this.


Wugas fnagu! Waydata!
Woga-of claw! Found-it!
Woga’s claw! You found it!
Su fnagu! U barju yaha, shwalda.
Good claw! COMMAND high throw, climb.
A good claw. Throw high, climb up.
Faran parkun! U-ra fnagu bawga, ha farun parkun shwalda. Su ha nawa kwarwi taticha.
Eagle feather! COMMAND-REFLEXIVE claw be.useful, so.that eagle feather climb. Good so.that new tool make.
Eagle feather! Use claw to climb eagle cliff. Good to make new tools.
Na kwarwi bal Wugas fnagu-way!
Not tool strong Woga-of claw-like!
(But) no tool strong like Wogah’s claw!
The Lost Totem


Udam gwar jarshna Winja damsha waykarsh, chwanta drawbarsh – mi-sharm hadarsh!
Udam beasts old Wenja home attack-they, totem break-they – my-arm eat-they!
Udam beasts attack old Wenja home, break totem – eat my arm!

Na sharm yakam, ma chwanta yakam!
Not arm fix-I, but totem fix-I!
I didn’t fix my arm, but I did fix the totem.

Udam gwan, Fmaygan. Chwanta sakman hinacha. Tu nawa Winja chwanta damsham!
Udam kill, Pissee. Totem scraps take. Then new Wenja totem build-I!
Kill Udam, Piss Man. Take back totem scraps. Then I build new Wenja totem.


Apa, apa! Kuswa dashta!
Back, Back! Almost done!
Back, back! Almost done!

Kakura, piki, Udam hasar!
Dung, tar, Udam blood!
Dung, tar, Udam blood!

Chwanta saywa daha, darwa-way.
Totem hard make, tree-as.
Makes totem hard as tree.
Takkar :

Bal. Winja shayu-way.
Strong. Wenja spirit-like
Strong. Like Wenja spirit.


Bal. Fmaygan-way.
Strong. Pissee-like.

Strong. Like Piss-man!
Winja damsha prapa. 
Wenja home seems
Feels like Wenja home.

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  1. Dansurka says:

    If you meet someone who smells like piss, then you've simply met someone who smells like piss. If, on the other hand, everyone you meet smells of piss, you might be peeing on them. Aysh ta Wuga.

  2. Dansurka says:

    "Kwayda shanchim, u apa gwam. Tu kwarkwar shwaldata darfata-kwa!"
    You're not an Udam. Then you climb and jump anywhere!

    I think this might be an error. Or I'm really bad at this. Both are possible.

  3. Winjapati says:

    I do personally, but I won't be publishing anything until it's done properly. And unfortunately, doing it properly takes a long time… It'll be posted here first, though, once I complete it.

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