We won a grant from the NEH!

I received some exciting news this morning.  Together with my wife, Brenna Byrd (UK), and George Landon, the head of the Gaming Institute at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU), we were awarded an NEH Digital Projects for the Public Discovery grant!  Worth $30,000, this grant will help to jumpstart a project that Brenna and I have long talked about —  a video game that transports people back to the time of the Proto-Indo-Europeans.

I’ll be posting lots here over the course of 2019 as I detail the progress we make on the grant. Our goal is to produce a working prototype of the game by December 2019, which we will be able to test on target audiences.

So stay tuned!  And visit http://speakingprimal.com/anatolian-trail/ for more information.

4 thoughts on “We won a grant from the NEH!

  1. Dansurka says:

    That’s fantastic! Congratulations, Winjapati!

  2. Kanradi says:

    Su-su! Na hayi mana magam. Aysh ta shawgas Urus-gwaris tarshas ti-pantishas shaja!

    1. Winjapati says:

      Gwarshta, Kanradi! Aysh-mas mash-pantishas tarshas shaja. 🙂

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