Wenja Language: majish

Smarkaka, salwa!  Shaja alya Winja kam-kamya warshtas warhamas : majish.  Majish is the basic word meaning “big, large, great” and is often yelled in the context of the Udam — majish yawdan “big warrior”!  Just think of those heavies that take 10 arrows to take down.

You’ll also hear majish in the thanks of the very grateful Wenja that you save, hearing things like Tiyi majish charda “You have a big heart” or Majish charda-ha yawdata “You fight with a big heart.”

And where does this word come from?  PIE *meǵh2 ‘great, large, big’ (note the funny h2 sound is a guttural sound, likely the “Darth Vader sound”), source of Hittite mek, Sanskrit mahi, Latin magnus, and Greek mega.  It’s also continued directly by English much, with a variant mickle (a Scottish form).  So English magni-tude, Mega-man, and much all derive from PIE *meǵh2.  Pretty successful word.

Tu sakwan prasti!