Wenja Language: marwa, mari, marti

Ha sakwan “Gwayfa Santa” hiyaja, dwa dajris warshta shaja dahamas. Parshwa maris, alya dwayasis.

To celebrate the upcoming “Survival Mode”, we’ll be doing two posts today.  The first on “die”; the second on “fear”.

Mari, marwa, marti.  “Dead, die, death”  Three words that are extraordinarily important within the game of Far Cry: Primal, a game devoted to the reclamation of the land of Oros, which of course involves a significant amount of killing (gwana).

Sayla: Palhu Winja marirsh! “Many Wenja died!”

Tinsay: Martibi shwapa! “Worse than death!”

Sayla: Ku Ull marwa?  “Is Ull dead?”

Many of you probably have a good idea where this root comes from in PIE.  It’s *mer- ‘die; disappear’ and is the source of words like mortal “one who can die”, murder, morti-cian, and the list goes on and and on.  Pretty much every single IE language has some reflex of this word.  Wenja mari has the extra -i- because it has a -ye- in the present system in PIE (cf. Izila məryéso! ‘you will die!’), marwa is from *mərwó-, and mərtí- ‘death’ (Sanskrit mrtí-, Latin mors).

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  1. Assassin Pan72 says:

    It would be great if you add "Today is a good day to die" in the common expression soundfiles 🙂

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