Wenja Language: nasa

Smarkaka, salwa! Shaja Brina mu-kwa Danville, KY-m shalamas, ha History Respawned-is tatichan-ha warhamas. Shaja war manu Winjas iti warhamas. Shajas dajri warshta: nasa. 

Hello, everyone! Today Brenna & I are travelling to Danville, KY, to speak with the creators of History Respawned. For this reason, we’ll be just speaking just a little bit of Wenja.  Today’s word of the day is nasa.

Nasa means to ‘go home’, and for this reason you don’t have to say damsham haya, which literally means ‘home-to go’. For example: History Respawned-is tatichanha warha ‘pa, nasmas. “After speaking with the creators of H.R., we’re going home.” Or from the game: Nu waycham nasam “Now I return home to the village.”

This is one of the few instances where you can convey a thought in Wenja more quickly than you can in a modern language like English.

And where does nasa come from?  From PIE *nes- ‘to return home’, continued by Sanskrit nasate ‘approaches’, German genesen ‘to recover’, and Greek nostos ‘homecoming’. The only one of these to make an appearance in Modern English is nost-algia, which literally means ‘homecoming pains’.

Tu sakwan prasti! U su nasa!

6 thoughts on “Wenja Language: nasa

  1. Reofive says:

    I have a question: when you dismiss your current Beast, Takkar sometimes says something like "Nati!". Does that have something to do with "nasa"?

  2. Andrew Byrd says:

    Good question! It's not, actually. I'll be writing up a post about "nati" this morning.

  3. Reofive says:

    Thanks again for the "nati" post =) I have another question : looking again at "Nu waycham nasam" in this post, I realize that "waycha" has an "-m" suffix added to it (as well as "KY-m"). Does that mean that this proto-PIE already had declension cases (like "Urusis" in "shancha Urusis")?

  4. reptile202 says:

    Tu sakwan prasti. U su nasa.

    What does U means in this situation? From what I read, nasa means go home, and su means good.

    Thanks again.

  5. Andrew Byrd says:

    The U is a sentence starter that indicates a command. The verb 'nasa' is to come home or return home, so if you command someone "U nasa" you're just telling them to return. The "su" then makes it more like in German "Komm gut nach Hause" – "Come home well" which is essentially "Have a safe trip".

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