How (Not) to Speak Wenja: Queen Batari’s Scenes

After a long hiatus I’m now returning to finish up what I began on the 1st Primalversary beginning in February — compiling an annotated set of dialogue for all of the cutscenes in the game.

We’ll begin with a look at Queen Batari’s dialogue. As you all know, Batari is a menacing figure in the game, and is about as close to a “bad guy” as you can get. She’s arrogant and ruthless, though has a weakness known to Tinsay – her fear of Krati, a man (lover? son?) from her past. She’s played by Debra Wilson, who — from the get go — was immersed in the part. One of the most impressive actors I’ve ever met.

Batari’s dialogue is completely done in Izila (His-hílax), the language of the Izila. For an overview of the grammar, see my post from yesterday:

Observing Batari


Úb, Udam pésti.
Up, Udam  pest.
Up, Udam pest.

(This is the comparative to klutós ‘loud’. It’s actually related to Eng. loud-er. *klutós > *hludós > loud; -or > -er)

Udam pésti bélom mnyetor.
Udam pesti strong it-thinks
Udam pest thinks it’s strong.

You will burn!
(hax- ‘burn’ is related to hása ‘ashes’ below)

Nu híd. Wénja pésti budzdá hsenti.
Now this one. Wenja pests smart are.
Now this one. Wenja pests are smart.

Bélom. Subeidés. Desnóm, híd bere. Wenja nu Suxlei beideti.
Strong. Obedient. Temple-to, this-one take. Wenja now Suxli serves.
Strong. Obedient. Take this one to the temple. Wenja now serves Suxli.



Takkar (in Wenja):

Siyi shawgas. Aysh shajan sushalhayns.
To-her power. Should leader sunwalker-of.
She has power. She is probably the leader of the sunwalkers.

Meeting Batari


Ímo, héi Gwárpati hesti.  His-hílax-wei purhé hyéutsti. Tód, wéi-wei supniyéti.
So, this Beastmaster is. Izila-like fire-with it-fights. It, we-like dreams.
So, this is the Beastmaster. It fights with fire like the Izila. It dreams to be like us.
(This is perhaps my favorite scene of Debra’s. Interestingly, she begins addressing Takkar as an “it”, then shifts to animate “he” when she tries to woo him; once he says “no” to her, she goes back to calling him an “it”.)

Bélos hesi, Wénja. 
Strong you-are, Wenja.
You are strong Wenja.

Órosom hrékti wélxsi? His-hílax-wei.
Oros to-rule wish-you? Izila-like.
You wish to rule Oros? Like the Izila.

Mogxéyox te. Hóiwoi mégi béidesi. Hóiwoi Bátarei.
Make-you-great-I you. Only me you-will-serve. Only Batari.
I will make you great.
(The word mogxeyox is a causative derivative of megx ‘great’)

Takkar (in Wenja):

Nakway bidam.
No-one serve-I.
I serve no one.


His-hílax-wei hyéutsti wélxsi.
Izila-like to-fight want-you.
You want to fight like Izila.

Tód Wénja-wei haxtór. 
It Wenja-like will-burn.
It will burn like Wenja.

Stealing Krati (non-stealth)




Kráti! Kráti!


Súxlis te dégwetu.
Suxli you let-him-burn
Suxli burn you.

Nú Wénjam dégwomi.
Nu Wenja burn-I
Now I burn Wenja.

Stealing Krati (stealth) – 2:00



Purós putlóm, súxnus hasósyo.
fire-of child, son ash-of.
Child of fire, son of ash.
(This is the closest thing to poetry in the game.  Given the formulaic nature of the line, I intentionally translated it with chiasmus)

Kráti. Kwór Kráti? Kwór Kráti!?
Nu Wenja burn-I
Now I burn Wenja.

Wénja! Wénja hyód Krátim klept, tú haxtár!
Wenja! Wenja who Krati steals, you will-burn!
Wenja! You will burn for touching Wenja!

Final Battle with Batari




Dérkso, hyód dexs!
Look, what you-have-done!
Look what you have done!

The Death of Batari


Ápo gwmské, Súxli. Me solwéye!
Back come, Suxli. Me save!
Return, Suxli! Save me!

Wénja pésti!
Wenja pest!
Wenja pest!

Héi Wénja degwe, hása!
This Wenja burn, to-ashes!
Burn this Wenja to ash!

Súxli, dégwe hása!
Suxli, burn to-ashes!
Suxli, burn to ashes!