Updates to Website

Smarkaka, salwa!

After a three-month hiatus during which Brenna and I welcomed our second son to the world, I’m making some serious updates to the blog.

First, after a year and a half of requests, I’ve finally posted the complete Wenja / Izila lexicon to the
website. You may access it here: http://box2018.temp.domains/~speakjb5/p/warshta-lexicon.html.

Second, I’ve added an Izila primer for those of you interested in learning how to speak like Batari. Go here: http://box2018.temp.domains/~speakjb5/how-not-to-speak-wenja-izila-his-hilax/.

And finally, I’ve added a section with interviews, articles, and other news from our work on Primal. You can access it here: http://box2018.temp.domains/~speakjb5/p/interviews-articles-and-other-news.html.

2 thoughts on “Updates to Website

  1. Dansurka says:

    You have made my study of this language about a jasla times easier, particularly with the lexicon. Thank you.

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