How to Speak Wenja: Recordings

We took requests on Twitter & amongst our friends and we’ve been asked to record the following sentences.

From Chris M.:

  • “Holy shit, I’ve invented the wheel!”  Pazda mazga!  Kwakula hu-taticham!
  • “Let’s go ride bicycles!”    U dwikwakulan wajamas!

From Bob S.:

  • “Your fingers are so small”   Ti-paliki mana-manu.

From Kevin M.:

  • “So long and thanks for all the fish!”   Su sada tacha-kwa payskay gwarshta!

From Keith B.:

  • “Patrick’s favorite color is just like green except it’s yellow.”   Ya lawkas Patriki aw-awa, sa war glara-way… ma sa galba.

From Glenn C. / @Amyrhymeswith:

  • “My hovercraft is full of eels.”   Ku tiyi pur-shazda? (Literally, “Do you have fire-sticks?”)

From Kenneth S.:

  • “Excuse me, my dog is aflame.”   Pash, mi-chwan shaha.

From Miana C.:

  • “The cheese is old and moldy.”  Kwatiya jarshna sharwa-kwa.

From Joe D.:

  • “Your moose is clearly Satan.”   Ti-halchi (elk) skrakitash Sitan.

From Andrew B.:

  • “I’m a pretty pretty princess.”  Mu kala kala frashnika.

From Rasha M:

  • “A dingo (dhole) ate my baby.”  Chwan mi-nawashna hu-hada.

Finally The_DeadKiller asks that we record our favorite sentence — this line is one which TC Carson (Tensay) used to sing all the time on the set.

  • “Drop it like it’s hot!”   Aysh tapi, pata daha!

Have a sentence in mind that you want us to record?  Tweet it to us @SpeakingPrimal on Twitter.