New Site & New Paper!

Welcome to the new site! You’ll see that all of the old content from the Speaking Primal blogspot has been moved and has been / will be rearranged to make for easier access.

In addition to all of the posts on the languages of Far Cry Primal, I’ve also posted pdfs of all of my research (when legally permitted to do so) under the “Scholarship” tab and links to other conlang projects that I’ve completed and am working on under the “Language Creation” tab.

I’m also super excited to be posting a new paper on the PIE stop system by Phil Barnett & me. It utilizes a type of research that I like to call “Experimental Indo-European”, where we use phonetic experiments to test different hypotheses about the PIE sound system.

A Markedly Different Approach: an Experimental Look at the Rarity of PIE */b/